Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Melody Mums for?

Expectant parents, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, childminders and any other carers of babies and small children up to school age.



Is the session for me or my child?


The musical content of each session is aimed at adults. However, your children are welcome and benefit throughout the session through play and experiencing live music.


Song choices are made with the grown up's enjoyment in mind. However, there are songs we use percussion instruments in and we always encourage dancing, clapping, stomping and singing from the children in the lively songs! 


At the end of each session there is time for a drink and a catch up between members. A great opportunity to make new friends and to find out about other events going on in your local community.


Refreshments are free to the grown-ups but please bring drinks for your children. 



How old does my child need to be?


Sessions are suitable for babies from newborn until they are of school age.


Parents of older preschoolers tend to choose to bring snacks, a bottled drink and a toy or activity bag which their little ones can delve into should they feel like a change of activity within the session. This works well. If you're unsure whether your preschooler will be ok, come and try a session!


Please be mindful newborn babies will be in attendance so please refrain from attending for 48 hours after any instances of vomiting or diarrhea either from yourself or your children. 



What happens with the children?



All children remain the responsibility of their parents or carers at all times.


Usually, children will choose to sit with their parents. There are mats and toys out for babies to have floor play should your little one need more independence during the session.


Noise is expected! Squeals, babbling, and crying won’t be anything to worry about. If your child has a moment, there is plenty of space to take them off to calm down. There is also a large playing field right next to the Droitwich hall, so in the good weather, there is plenty of space to take your little one outside if you would prefer.



What are the feeding and changing arrangements?



Please feel free to feed or change your baby or toddler during the session.


Baby change facilities are provided but please bring nappy bags, as we have to take our used nappies home with us as there are no nappy disposal units at the halls.


Breastfeeding is welcome and wholly accepted, as are all other types of feeding (bottles, snacks, and pouches etc).


All we ask is to tidy your own family’s rubbish up after the session using the bin bags provided. 



How much singing experience do I need?


Sessions are suitable for all abilities, so don't worry if you have never done any singing before. You will receive lyric sheets to use each session, so no need to remember to bring anything each week. We even provide toys for the children to play with!


Everything is taught by ear, so there is no need to read music. If you are a more confident singer, we sing songs in two and sometimes three-part harmony, so there's always something to challenge you musically if you choose too.  However, you can just sing the melody if you choose to - no pressure!





What are the sessions like?

Sessions are 1 hour in length. This begins with a meet and greet whilst getting the children settled with the toys before a warm-up & singing section for the adults. We sing warm-up songs that you can use with your little ones at home, followed by singing two or three well-known songs from across the decades.


We sing chart hits, songs from films and musicals, catchy folk and popular tunes... all sorts! New songs will be introduced regularly. Melody Mums members say that they enjoy the sessions because you get to sing all the way through songs every session. 


The session ends with time for a drink, more play for the children and a catch-up. Melody Mums is group Singing with a short Stay & Play session with between 10-15 adults, so a small, friendly group where it is easy to make new friends. 





How will my singing benefit from Melody Mums?


If you join Melody Mums your singing technique will undoubtedly improve because you’ll be singing regularly each week. This is great for your sound because you’re using all the necessary muscles in the right way on a regular basis.


Our singing teacher will be guiding you each week with tips on how to look after your voice and make improvements to your singing.


One of the joys of singing for fun is there are no public performances, therefore there is no pressure! Just come along to feel good, improve your singing and make new friends!



How much does Melody Mums cost?


Melody Mums used to be a paid for activity... Now, thanks to Wychavon Council and WANDS Children's Centre (Action for Children), it's 100% FREE for all families wishing to participate. To benefit from this fantastic opportunity please make sure you book early so you don't miss out!


BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE TODAY by calling WANDS Children's Centre directly on 01905 827391. 



When is it best to join Melody Mums?

You can join at any time! Please do check the dates we are running here on the website or on Facebook the week you decide to pop along, and give the WANDS Children's Centre a call if you're thinking of popping along. New faces always welcome.


There are no guidelines for when you are able to begin singing after birth. As always, the most important thing is to listen to your body and take advice from your immediate primary care team, midwives, health visitors, and GP. If you are in any pain or discomfort, just wait a few weeks.


You can always Contact Us to discuss any worries or questions you may have and we will be happy to help. 



What do I need to bring?

I provide everything you will need at each session including lyrics and adult refreshments. All you need to bring is whatever you need for your children.



Where do I park? What facilities are available?



There is ample parking next to the Children's Centre and easy pushchair access to the room we sing in. 


Toilets and Baby changing facilities are also available. 



How do I book a place?

Book by calling WANDS Children's Centre directly on 01905 827391

All details are on our Contact Us page


We hope to see you at Melody Mums soon!

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