Melody Mums Founder and Singing Leader

Carrie Garrett

Carrie is a highly qualified singing teacher with years of experience. Her energy and passion for singing is completely infectious!


The Melody Mums' amazing sound is a direct result of her musical talent and her drive to bring an opportunity to Worcestershire Mums to develop their voices and get involved in music locally. 


 With a long list of qualifications including BA (Hons), PGCE, BSc (Hons), certMRCSLT, ASLTIP, HCPC, Carrie is a Voice Specialist Speech & Language Therapist and Professional Vocal Coach with specialisms in Clinical Voice Disorders & Singing Voice Rehabilitation.


Carrie is a passionate exponent in the field of vocal health, vocal rehabilitation and singing. She has over two decades of experience as a professional singer and vocal coach, adding to her skillset when she became a certified Speech & Language Therapist.


She is now a highly proficient Voice Specialist SLT with skills in numerous diagnostic and therapeutic interventions related to her specialist field.  She has worked for bodies such as The British Voice Association, BIMM Birmingham, The Birmingham School of Acting, Association of British Choral Directors and the Association of Teachers of Singing, delivering workshops and lectures on topics such as Vocal Health, Functional Endoscopy, Vocal Anatomy and Vocal Rehabilitation for Singers.

With a background in professional singing and Mum to three young children, Carrie's own story to Melody Mums was through her experiences of how hard parenting can be. With the birth of her first baby, she found established friendships inevitably suffered as priorities in life changed and all forms of socialising became nearly impossible for a time. Adjusting to being a parent took at least six months to a year for Carrie and she created Melody Mums to help others in a similar situation- bringing parents together through music.


Carrie created Melody Mums to help parents and carers come together through music. Singing in a group builds your confidence; which is especially important as your life changes and you become a parent. 


The group is full of Carrie's relaxed approach to singing and she opens up the music to build up your skills in vocal technique as you learn new songs as part of a friendly choir, where children are welcome too!

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